These are all people I know who are in need of Christ as their Savior, or are in desparate need of returning to fellowship with Him.
1. Tim A., 2. Mike A., 3. Ken D., 4. Bill M., 5. Stacy W., 6. Howard H., 7. R. Boren, 8. D. Boren, 9. C. Boren, 10. S. Ragsdale, 11. a young couple T. & M. Smith, 12. J. Heberlie.
These next two are family or near family to me; P. Blankenship; S. Griffith
The next six are on Carr Lane Baptist Church’s prayer list: 1. Mark R., 2. Ron & Linda C., 3. Jan W., 4. Jim F., 5. Lowell R., 6. Gene E.
Father in Heaven, You sent Your Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world and that included the sins of these named above. You know these people even better than they know themselves. You know there life’s and heart’s condition with You. You know every thing there is to know about them.
My prayer, O Lord, is that You would convict them with the power of Your Spirit and Word. Make them realzie they are sinners in desparate need of Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. Call them in Your loving way to the foot of the cross of Jesus and save them for Your name’s sake, and for Your glory. Amen.


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