Prayer for Abby

Dear Father, God of Heaven, Savior of all who will come to YOU; YOU are worthy of our worship and praise.
Father, there are times I do not understand why some things happen, and I know it is not important for me to understand, but to trust YOU, knowing that YOU hold us all, and all the things of the world, and in our lives – all these things are held in YOUR hands.
It troubles me Father, Lord Jesus, that there are millions of unborn babies killed every year, because they are unwanted. I am thankful that YOU want them. The only explanation for this evil of killing, and any death, or sickness is sin. That is the only understanding I have. For that I trust YOU.
I thank YOU that YOU have given me life. Life to live on this earth, but especially life that is eternal because of the work of Jesus, my Lord and Savior upon the cross, and revealed to be true and powerful through the resurrection.
Father, I have in my heart a little baby girl whose name is Abby. The neice of Nunzia, who left a comment. This family is struggling right now with the question of, “Why?” Why is this little one suffering so? Why does it have to happen to one so young? All of us would say, “Why couldn’t it have been me?” LORD, I do not know if YOU intend for us to have an answer, but we are to trust the only God who loves, gives life, and liberty to all who will come to YOU.
Help us Father to just be thankful for little time we all have. There is time for knowing YOU, trusting YOU.
Help us all to realize that this life is not about us at all, but that it is really, all about YOU. Help us to rest in YOU in the midst of the storms of life. Help us to walk in YOUR light, even when everything around is so dark. Help us to trust in the dark what we have believed in the light. That Light is YOU.
Lord, bless that dear family with YOUR holy presence, power, glory, and healing of little Abby; for YOUR honor and glory. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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