Prayer for Ms. Jessie

While I was away from blogging for the last month I did receive the following prayer request, and it is here as it is in the comments section –
Anonymous said…
Ms. Jessie Duhon needs your prayers. She is a 65 year old woman who had open heart surgery in October. She did great and has now developed a major, major blood clot in her leg which goes into her stomack and it won’t dissolve. Please pray that she gets well and that the Drs. can figure out what is making her blood clot grow and stop it from growing and figure out how to dissolve it safely. My mother is young and has grandchildren still in their teens and early twenties. We all need her dearly. Thanks you.
9:54 PM
Though I did receive email notification when this was posted and I did lift her to the Lord in prayer, my prayer is still that she is well and doing much better.
I would like to ask that when you leave a request that you leave an email address, or a name of the one submitting the request. I will still pray for you if you do not, but it would help me keep up on the situation. Your email address will not be used by me for anything other than that purpose. Thank you

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