Having A Heart for Jesus

When we pray let’s ask that we have a heart for Jesus; Let’s also ask that we have a heart like Jesus.
It has come to my attention that there are too many churches where Jesus is on the outside knocking, and we do not see His absence nor hear Him knocking. We are too busy with things. We are arguing about what style of music, what the preacher should be preaching (for your info that is between the man of God and God not for the people to decide); the color of the carpet; or why uncle Billy Joe’s feelings got hurt and he won’t be back because…
Let’s pray that we become engulfed in Jesus; that we will hear His voice – if we are hearing His voice we will not need worry about Him knocking on our door; that we begin to weep over our own sin; the sins of the lost and their lostness. When the Church gets its love for Jesus back there won’t be so much arguing, division, and trash.
Understand me here; some disagreement is good as long as it is done agreeably, and with love for the other.
Let’s pray for all Bible believing, preaching, Christ-centered churches to be ever faithful to loving Jesus, His Word, and looking for His appearing. Be ready. Come Quickily Lord Jesus

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