Only God Can…

Only God can turn the storm off, or turn it in a new direction…

I don’t believe that I have ever asked for people to join me in prayer for such a need.  I believe we failed three years ago.  We failed to pray as the storm was approaching, and failed to pray as needs were or were not seen and established.

We must pray for our Lord and God to either change the path of the storm into a less populated area, sparing human life, and where there will be less property damage, or for Him to cause the storm to dissapate.  I know many of the people are leaving as the fear of the past seems to be coming back at them.

Let’s pray for God’s will for the city of New Orleans, and other coastal towns and cities, and the people who are in the path of Gustave.  Our God is a good, gracious, and loving God.  Let’s pray, and may the path of our prayers into the throne room of God cause the storm of fear to cease first of all, then the winds, rains, and damages of the storm Gustave be limited by God’s own hand.

Father be glorified in the storm and the storms that will come.  Glorify Your Son Jesus through the prayers of Your people.  Amen.

Will you join me in the next few crucial hours of this approaching storm.  With the voices of the redeemed pleading God’s mercy, His will be done, God can turn it off, or redirect its path.

-Tim A. Blankenship


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