Deborah’s Marriage

One the areas of lift which is the hardest hit for the Christian home today is marriage.  No home is without the need for prayer; let’s join in prayer with Deborah for her marriage, and her husband.

Please pray for my marriage. Ash God to bind satan in my husbands life and to rebuke the unGodly relaionship and to curse it. Destoy all weapons against my marriage and to soften my husbands heart against me and give him love for me again. Inb Jesus name I pray Amen

Comment by Deborah — February 9, 2009


Father, God of gods, Creator of all the universe, and designer of marriage and the home; we lift Deborah and her husband to the throne of grace.  Open the eyes of her husband to his gross sin; first against YOU, secondly against Deborah, and finally against his family and himself.

We do pray that YOU will bind the devil in his assault against marriage and the family.  Make Deborah stronger through this trying time in her life and home.  Call her husband back into a right relationship with YOU.

Forgive sin as we ask, and thank you for hearing our prayer.  In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.



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