VOM Prayer Requests 061413

VOM-USA Prayer Update for June 14, 2013

The Voice of the Martyrs USA: www.persecution.com

Afghanistan—Foreign Workers Denied Visas
Source: VOM Sources

Proverbs 19:21

The government of Afghanistan is refusing to issue or renew visas for a large number of foreign workers from several international organizations. Unconfirmed reports from government employees indicate that the Afghan government is implementing new policies to drastically reduce the number of foreign workers, a change that will negatively affect many international Christian organizations. Afghanistan is a 99 percent Muslim nation that includes militant groups known to target Christians and Westerners. Pray that the gospel will continue to spread despite any new government restrictions.

Philippines—Christians Forced to Flee Homes
Source: VOM Sources

Isaiah 43:1–2

One hundred sixty Christians were recently forced to flee their village after it was attacked by Muslim extremists, according to a VOM worker. The villages of Malipayon, Saban of Barnagay, Maybula and New Bunawan were attacked at about 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 1. An estimated 300 armed men fired more than five mortars into the village. The Christians who fled the attack are now in need of food, mosquito nets, bed sheets, sleeping mats and medicine. Many have become ill because they were not able to take their bedding or medicines when they left their homes. The Christians are currently unable to return to the village because they fear that the Muslims will kill them and burn their homes. VOM has provided the Christians with basic necessities such as food, mosquito nets, blankets and medicine. Please pray that these brothers and sisters will continue to place their hope in the Lord and be able to forgive their persecutors.

Somalia—Christian Woman Imprisoned and Tortured
Source: VOM Sources

2 Timothy 1:7

A Christian woman in Somalia was imprisoned recently for participating in underground Christian work, VOM workers report. “Fatima” had helped with underground work for 10 years before being arrested on Monday, May 27. She has reportedly faced questioning and severe torture, and Somali authorities have said she will be kept in prison for three months. Fatima has not been allowed to use her cell phone, and her exact location is unknown. Pray for Fatima’s protection, and pray that God will grant her courage and peace during her imprisonment. Pray also that Somali believers will remain faithful and will resist pressure to return to Islam.

Nepal—VOM Project

Pray for 25 PSP pastors who will receive bicycles for use in spreading the gospel to people in remote areas. These pastors currently walk 15 to 20 kilometers each day to share the gospel with others.


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