VOM Prayer Requests 092713

VOM-USA Prayer Update for September 27, 2013

The Voice of the Martyrs USA: www.persecution.com

Pakistan—Suicide Bombers Kill 81 During Worship Service
Sources: VOM Sources, CNN News

Isaiah 64:1–3

At least 81 people, including choir members and children attending Sunday school, were killed on Sept. 22 in the suicide bombing of a church in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan. VOM sources estimate that the final death toll could be over 100, with well over 120 people injured. This is thought to be the most deadly attack ever on Pakistani Christians. The suicide bombers entered the church compound through the main gate before detonating their explosives near the worshipers. The attack has prompted significant public outcry and rioting in the streets. Most Muslim leaders are strongly condemning the attack, and the government is working to help victims.

Tanzania—Pastor Severely Burned in Acid Attack
Sources: VOM Sources, The Washington Post

Psalm 30:2

A pastor in Zanzibar, Tanzania, has suffered severe burns after having acid poured on him by one or more Muslims just outside an Internet café. Pastor Anselm Mwang’amba, 61, received burns on his face, chest and arms. VOM sources report that although Mwang’amba cried out for help, the Muslim owners of the Internet café delayed bringing water to dilute the burning acid. Mwang’amba was taken to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar, but church leaders are considering transferring him to a hospital in Dar es Salaam to keep him farther away from his persecutors. Christian leaders have linked the attack to an Islamist group known as “Awakening,” who are campaigning for Zanzibar’s independence as an Islamic state.

Laos—Believers Persecuted by Family, Government and Community
Source: VOM Sources

1 Corinthians 15:54

Christians in Laos continue to face persecution from a variety of sources. Nong Bon, a 14-year-old girl, was beaten by her parents for converting to Christianity. After she refused their demands that she renounce Christ, the family threatened to sell her into prostitution in the capital city of Vientiane. Nong Bon fled her home before the family could sell her, and she is now living with a Christian family in another village. Elsewhere, a pastor named Asa was arrested and charged with converting others to the Christian faith. VOM is supporting his wife and four children. In other villages, Christian families have had their crops destroyed and have been evicted from their homes. In some instances, the government has even loaded Christians into trucks, driven them miles away from their village and forced them to live in areas with poor soil and no water.

Jordan—VOM Project

Pray for indigenous evangelists that VOM helps disciple and support. These evangelists live in difficult, unreached areas where Christians have been attacked and killed in recent years.

Nigeria—VOM Project

Pray for provision and encouragement of Nigerian widows and for VOM’s support of them.


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